Fenny Stratford Coins

What Is Milton Keynes
Made Of?

The Milton Keynes Hoard

The oldest known gold coin in Britain, found in Fenny Stratford, dates from something like 200BC-100BC. It is kept at the British Museum in London.

The Milton Keynes Hoard – the heaviest hoard of Bronze Age jewellery ever found in Britain, dating from around 1,000 BC. You can see it at the British Museum in London.

Home of the Royal train

Home Of
The Royal

Home of the Royal train, Wolverton has produced coaches for the monarch for more than 100 years: Queen Victoria in 1869, King Edward VII in 1903 and Queen Elizabeth II in 1961. It’s been in the news recently, after being saved from the scrapyard.

Home of the

Around 10,000 people worked in complete secret at Bletchley Park during World War Two to break enemy codes and ciphers. It is also where the world’s first electronic computers were installed and operated. It is estimated that the intelligence and technology produced at Bletchley Park helped shorten the war by up to two years. That story is now a film.

The Bletchley Park Codebreakers
Milton Keynes Concrete Cows


Symbol of the city, the concrete cows: unfortunate things have happened to the cows, they have been stolen and held to ransom, had pyjamas painted on them, mad cow disease graffiti and even had to be rebuilt by the artist (Lesley Leyh) after they were beheaded. They were made in a workshop where the museum now stands. You can visit the originals at the museum, or their doppelgangers here.

This City Is Made Of You Too

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